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Lies and Big Feet! — an independent publishing venture. Our humble resources are no match for uber-rich university backed publishing houses. But having said that, it is also important to realise that it is very pertinent that we allow for a diverse range of voices to emerge, some which might not necessarily conform to mainstream, institutional practises and ideas. Oftentimes, when we stand outside dominant institutions, we get a perspective (and an exhilarating sense of freedom) which is denied to those who live within. This is a particular kind of a methodology (a praxis of sorts) which allows for more wiggle room than if a conventional route is taken. It is therefore, and inevitably, an interesting journey we make.

There is also a realisation that as world politics change, there will be an inevitable shift in how we define cultural-literary studies. We can choose to refuse to acknowledge that the nature of the humanities is changing. But it would be relevant if we were able to gauge how the future will be. As we are an independent publishing enterprise, we have the freedom to recognise new trends in scholarship which has the potential to be cutting edge and a bit zany. We also hope to create a space that is needed in order to explore new methodologies, subjects and practises, which might not necessarily be acknowledged at this moment. As we take baby steps, albeit with big feet, into sometimes unknown territory, we make mistakes and the process of doing becomes a learning moment.

We are located in India, but have access to a global distributorship. We aim to reach out to a large readership.

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